Environment & Community

Our Environmental Policy

At HiTech Casting, care for the environment is always at the top of our decision making process. We always ensure the operation of our process is done efficiently and safely to minimize emissions to air and water.

Once produced, Aluminium offers the advantage that it can be repeatedly and efficiently recycled without any loss of quality. It is considered the “greenest” of metals, being 100% recyclable. Recycling Aluminium parts at the end of their usable life uses only a fraction, about 5% of the energy and around 5% of the CO2 emissions originally required / produced in their initial production. Raw materials are therefore preserved and considerable energy savings made.

Recycling of 1kg of Aluminium saves over 7 Kg’s of bauxite, 4 kg of chemicals and 13 kilowatt hours of electricity!

Emissions Control

Alongside our recent investments in the latest processing and furnace technology, is linked a fully computer controlled fume abatement and monitoring installation, controlling our operations to the highest and most exacting Egyptian emissions standards.


HiTech Casting is proud to be working closely with the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and the surrounding community.
We aim to continue and develop these educational initiatives to highlight both the value of recycling technology as environmentally friendly and the desirability of maintaining a strong manufacturing sector at the heart of the Egyptian economy.